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Our fully upholstered swinging sofas are traditionally handmade here in England. They are modelled on an original 1930s swing seat and their immaculate design remains largely unchanged, but for the use of modern materials and engineering.

The ‘Old Rocker’ is our original product - a luxuriously sized three-seater sofa - but for smaller spaces we also make a more petite ‘Little Rocker’, which seats two comfortably.

They can be left out all summer long, adding a nostalgic charm to any space and offering unrivalled comfort for garden-dwellers.


Our rockers are made to withstand even the worst of the British summers with sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel frames and upholstery in ODD’s special marine canvas.


We make a canvas overall cover to provide protection from the elements when not in use. In the winter, it packs away neatly for indoor storage, with custom-made waterproof bags available on request.


With a little helping hand, our rockers will last decades and be handed down through generations.


Comfort has been a prime consideration in the design of both our Little and Old Rockers. 


The sofa is one you can really sink into; it has three generously sized and stuffed cushions to both the back and seat, channelled in such a way that they seldom need re-plumping.


Not only is the sofa immensely comfortable in itself, but its suspension also offers a unique sensation. We are told (and it is easy to believe) that there are great health-giving benefits to rocking and that it used to be prescribed for various mental and physical afflictions.


All our upholstered swing seats are made bespoke for their owners, something we have been able to maintain by using local makers and limiting our production numbers.


With several different parts to customise throughout the design process, each finished piece is completely unique. We help you make the precise rocker you’ve dreamed of, advising on fabric combinations and hand finishing with special touches.


The sizes


Width 250cm
Height 170cm
Depth 130cm

Contact us for dimensions

Our rockers come in two sizes, the original 'Old Rocker' and a smaller two-seater sofa, the 'Little Rocker'.

A fully-formed rocker comprises many different components. We've created an illustrated guide to the different elements, which you can visit by clicking the button below.



The rocker’s exterior is made up of a roof and outside walls, made from ODD’s special marine canvas available in the colourways below.

Our 420gsm marine canvas is made from 50% Polyester and 50% cotton and is treated to be water-resistant and stain repellent.


Our vintage-inspired florals and stripes in linens and cottons can be used on the sofa, inside walls, spring gaiters and scatter cushions and are designed to work harmoniously with the canvas colourways.


Old Rockers and Little Rockers should be stored away in winter and kept as dry as possible.


The stainless steel frame breaks down and folds into parts, while the cushions can be stacked and stored along with the sofa frame and arms. We provide custom-made storage bags with breathable waterproof casing and zips for the best possible protection over winter.


We provide clear step-by-step instructions for simple assembly and disassembly.

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We offer replacements for all parts of your rocker, from the outer covers to the stainless steel components.


So whether your rocker is in need of a full revival or you simply want to explore a new colourway or style, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


We are proud to make all our products here in England. Since our inception, we have been working with the same seamstresses, carpenters and upholsterers in Long Eaton, the heart of Britain’s upholstery and furniture industry, renowned for producing some of the highest-quality handmade furniture in the world.

Michael L.
Old Rocker in Dark Khaki, 2022

It is a triumph and excellent assembly instructions. Thanks again it is a terrific thing.

Lady C.
Old Rocker in Faded Red, 2021

I have just assembled and placed my Old Rocker, and I cannot tell you how much pleasure it has given me already, after just three hours of swinging I’m an addict. It’s so beautifully thought through, the engineering is perfect, it all fits together impeccably, it’s comfortable, it’s pretty, it’s really lovely, I adore it. I’ll send some pics when I’ve stopped swooning.

Philippa B.
Old Rocker in Sail White, 2022

I can’t tell you how much I have loved sitting and lying on my new rocker this summer AND autumn! I haven’t thought of putting it away yet and even sat in under the cover the other day while it rained outside. My son in law told me that I would be wasting my money if I bought one as I am not one who normally sits down, but my rocker beckons to me daily and I sneak off and melt into it. Even 5 minutes is blissful and very therapeutic.

Our customer ethos

We make very limited runs of our swing seats, which allows us to deliver a very personal service to our customers.


To make sure you end up with the swing seat perfect for you, we'll guide you through all the design decisions and, if you like, come and put up your rocker for you when it's ready.


Whether you’re interested in finding out a little more, seeing a price list or you’d like to register your interest in one of ODD’s rockers, we’d love to talk.

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