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We are proud to make all our products here in England, with each rocker made to order.


Our relentless focus on comfort and longevity, combined with our commitment to local, traditional craftsmanship, results in a swing seat of incomparable quality to others on the market.

Our makers

Since the very beginning, we've worked with the same seamstresses, carpenters and upholsterers in the East Midlands, the heart of Britain's upholstery and furniture industry.

We are proud to still be working alongside our original team, whose expertise we have relied on for over 20 years to make a swing seat of the highest quality, and who still make each individual rocker that is delivered.

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The sofa

The sofa's construction begins with its custom-made frame. The back and arms are carved by the skilled carpenters that neighbour our atelier, incorporating hidden reinforced elements that give the strength required for its suspension.

The sofa frame is completed with its sprung base (made in England), with three custom-made cushions added to the back and base, expertly channelled and hand stuffed to ensure perfect plumpness.

The sofa itself is of generous proportions, with a width of 250cm to allow a full recline. The back can be positioned at three different inclines to your personal level of comfort, and its height is perfect for head resting. 

The covers

Our rocker covers are cut and sewn to each customer’s exact requirements. Our upholsterers begin by cutting the chosen fabric combination, with our seamstresses stitching and finishing each set of covers to the highest standard.

Our exterior covers (the roof and sides) are made from our special polycotton canvas, treated to be water and rot-resistant. We have a selection of seven colours that can be used in any combination to create an individual design.

Our linen and cotton fabrics are all exclusive ODD designs, proudly printed in Lancashire and Carlisle, and can be used on the interior parts of a rocker.

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The frames

Our stainless steel frames are improved replicas of those found on an original 1930s swing seat. The immaculate design remains for the most part unchanged, but for some minor changes to the engineering and the use of 304 Stainless Steel for weather hardiness.

Our 100% stainless steel frames contain over 10 custom handmade elements, with two cross braces on either side of the frame, which improve stability and eliminate the risk of the legs warping over time.


ODD’s sofas are suspended from the sturdy frames by four generously-sized, custom-made springs, which allows for the especially smooth motion that makes our rockers so relaxing.

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The final sendoff

The rest of the ODD team, based in Oxfordshire, bring together all the parts of the rocker, including the wooden finials that finish many of our rocker's rooves, crafting each pair and hand painting them to order. The majority of our completed rockers are hand delivered and assembled by us in their new home.


Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to make an enquiry for your own rocker.

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Discover our fabrics

We have a collection of fabrics suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our polycotton canvas is a marine-grade, waterproof and rot-resistant fabric that can be left out all summer long.

We also make linens and cottons in our exclusive ODD prints, for use inside your rocker or anywhere at all.

All fabrics are available by the metre.

Anatomy of a rocker

Our rockers are made up of a number of parts, all of which can be customised to create a unique swing seat.


Here, we explain each part so it's easy for you to see what it is and how it functions.

Take a look at our gallery for images of rockers we've made over the years

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