Tribal Rugs

Our Tribal Rugs are old and were designed and woven by individuals in South America who use their own dyes. Consequently, every Rug is different in colour, design and size. We can make Cushions and Pouffes out of the Tribal Rugs (see below). If you are interested in buying a Rug, do call us and, once we know the colours you like, we will email photographs to you of the Tribal Rugs we have in stock that we think you may be interested in and tell you the price of each.

Every one of our flat weave Tribal Rugs are chosen by us for their colour and character and no two are the same - they are ODD.
Tribal Rugs

The dimensions of our Tribal Rugs vary but are typically 150cm x 180cm. Prices are from £200 to £400 depending on a rug's size and quality.

The rugs can be used to customise our ' Old Rockers' as inside walls, throws or cushions or simply for transforming a room by throwing them on the floor or hanging them on the wall. "They make wonderful wedding presents", says Jessica,the recipient Goddaughter.

Tribal Rugs

African Rugs
Tribal Rugs

Natural Baby Alpaca and vegetable dyed woven wool rugs
Amsterdam Baggy Bag - click for larger image

African Rugs

Tribal Rug Cushions

Tribal Rugs
The size of our Tribal Rug cushions vary, and consequently, so do the prices which range from £70 to £150 each

Tribal Rug Pouffes


This Rug Pouffe has a diameter of 76cm and is 48cm high - P.O.A

We will make a Pouffe out of a Rug of your choice. The size will depend on the size of the Rug chosen. The price of the Rug will determine the price of the Pouffe.

You might be interested in our other cushions and pouffes. Please call on +44 (0)1993 830674 or email with any queries - we�re always happy to chat!

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