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Handmade, individual ODD coats, children’s clothes, hats, scarves, bags, jute bags, cabin bags and other ODDities. ODD’s clothes & bags are lovingly made in Oxfordshire, England. Please call on +44 (0)1993 830674 or email with any queries on our clothes, bags or other ODDities - we’re always happy to chat!


For sizes and swatches please ring us on 01993 830674

ODD's Clothes - Maud Summer Coat
Maud hopsack Summer Coat with frayed cuffs and
ODD buttons.
ODD's Clothes - Pohutukawa Summer Coat
Pohutukawa hopsack Summer Coat with frayed cuffs and ODD buttons.
ODD's Clothes - Coat in Amsterdam corduroy
Coat in Amsterdam corduroy.
ODD's Clothes - Waistcoat in Amsterdam corduroy
Waistcoat in Amsterdam corduroy.
Handmade individual ODD Coats in woven wool with ODD velvet cuffs and ODD buttons – to order. £POA
ODD's Clothes - ODD Coats
ODD's Clothes - 'Jules' voile long shirts
'Jules' voile long shirts, also available in 'Stripe Dream' voile and 'Maud' voile. £POA


ODD's Clothes - Reversible Hat
In and out of the garden' Hats: Sail White, Faded Green and Faded Red Canvas hats reversing to Maud, Stripe Dream  or Jules hopsack. Water resistant for gardening and very glamourous for weddings. The Hats have an adjustable drawstring so they fit big heads and small heads - £57.00


Maud Scarf in velvet.
135cm x 19cm - £45.00
ODD's Clothes - Maud Scarf
ODD's Clothes - Maud Stole
Maud Stole in velvet.
225cm x 33cm - £97.00
ODD's Clothes - Jules Stripe Dream Velvet reversible scarf
Jules Stripe Dream Velvet reversible scarf
135cm x 19cm - £45.00
ODD's Clothes - Jules Velvet Stole
Jules Velvet Stole225cm x 33cm - £97.00

Childrens Clothes

ODD's Clothes - Childrens Clothes
ODD Limited NEW Cornish Smock in ODD's 'Treasure Island' cotton
ODD's Clothes - ODD's 'Treasure Island' Cornish Smock
ODD's 'Treasure Island' Cornish Smock, with two front patch pockets in printed cotton. Sizes 2 -4 years and 4 - 6 years. £27.00
ODD's Clothes - ODD's 'Treasure Island' Cornish Smock
(Other sizes can be ordered, including adults)
ODD's Clothes - Dungarees in Pohutukawa Hopsack
Dungarees in Pohutukawa hopsack - £27.00
ODD's Clothes - Dress in Stripe Dream Hopsack
Dress in Stripe Dream hopsack - £27.00
ODD's Clothes - Cornish Sailor's Trousers in Stripe Dream hopsack
Cornish Sailor's Trousers in Stripe Dream hopsack - £27.00
ODD's Bags


The Very Big ODD Bag - with large zipped inside pocket
42cm x 80cm - £59.00.
ODD's Bags - Donkey
Maud pocket
ODD's BagsThe Very Big ODD Bag
Pohutukawa pocket
In ODD's five canvas colours
(Sail White, Faded Red. Faded Green, Elephant, Cornish Blue),
for carrying everything.
The Kirsty Bag
in Maud velvet,
lined with
pink drill.
16cm x 25cm - £49.00
ODD's Bags - The Kirsty
ODD's Bags - Baggy Bag
Baggy Bag in Jules velvet.
35cm x 51cm - £59.00
Baggy Bag in Amsterdam corduroy
35cm x 51cm - £59.00
ODD's Bags - Amsterdam Baggy Bag
ODD's Bags - Old Bag
Old Bag with inside open pocket
40cm x 50cm - £39.00
click for larger image
ODD Limited NEW Cabin Bag in Cornish Blue canvas - £59

ODD's Bags - Danby
New NEW Danby Bag - £49
Odd's Bags - Roma
Roma Bag
66cms x 48cms. 'Maud' velvet bag with 'Old Coat' woollen straps. A perfect overnight bag with a deep inside pocket. £89
ODD's Bags - The Great Yellow
The Great Yellow
60cms x 90cms. Also available Great White and Great Red.
100% cotton canvas. For when you DO want to take the kitchen sink to the beach. £67
ODD's Bags - Woven Jute
ODD Limited NEW Woven Jute - £35
ODD's Bags - Jute Bag
New NEW Jute Bag -
Very big square Jute Basket -£77
Large round Jute Basket - £77

ODD's Bags - Jute Bag
ODD Limited NEW Jute Bag -
Jute Shoppers with large or small handles £33

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